Activate the Acorn Within

A One Day Live Online Retreat with Sara Estelle

I believe all  healers have the right to earn a nourishing income in exchange for their sacred gifts. 

The template for this one day live retreat with me is to connect you back to your inner work and beauty and then go out into the world and help others do the same.

When we focus on our major areas of interest and passion, they are naturally activated.

When we embrace the process, all things become possible.

I'd be delighted if you hear the call to join me! 

And the Day Came When the Risk to Remain Tight In a Bud Was More Painful Than the Risk It Took to Blossom.” – Anais Nin

Our Retreat takes place Saturday October 16th, 2021

Via Online Zoom Meeting 9.30 - 17.30 Uk time

This is a "live" event and will not be made available via replay. I believe we can all do our best work when we are here "live" together. Your work is far too important for this day course to become just another replay that lies in your inbox. You have great work to share in the world and the Time is NOW!

Activate your Vision and Potential in its most Empowered Form

Become an Empowered and Aligned Change-Maker

During these times of great change we are all looking for a new ways forwards to live and lives and run nourishing and aligned businesses.

We are looking for a guide - a guide who can help us navigate the change.

We are looking for stability and wisdom - something to stand firm on that will not let us down.

We are looking for direction and purpose that comes from an inner knowing.

What better guide that the one that was seeded into your heart and energy system on the day that you chose to come to this Earth?

Within each of lies the seed of a Great Oak - are you ready to activate yours?

Did you know that most of us base our vision and decisions on self-imposed limiting beliefs, emotions and experiences?

- Beliefs that say that healers should NOT earn good money from their healing gifts

- Beliefs that we have been taught that to stay in "safe" employment and that working for yourself is unreliable 

- Old experiences of trying to launch your business and it being hard work and no one being interested 

The thing is we are not all wired to be the same and my guess that if you are reading this, you are not wired to work for someone else and keep yourself and your dreams small - you are here to make a difference in a more feminine and sovereign way.

Who is this Activate the Acorn Within Experience for?

If you align with one of the descriptions below, then I invite you to consider joining me o

  • Healers, therapists, heart-centered business owners who have a seed of a healing business within their heart and soul and feel deeply it is time to plant and activate that sacred seed

  • Healers, therapists, heart-centered business owners who have a growing or established business and who wish for more alignment, income and impact

  • Healers, therapists and business owners who long for a nature based tribe and support team so that you and your business can align with Source and Nature Based wisdom to bring forth sustainable and loving structures that transform our world

An Overview of our Live Online Retreat

How will you benefit? Open yourself to receive these deep shifts and transformations

  • Align with your Life Vision and Purpose and with what Source wants for you - when you say YES to this call, you claim your Sovereign gifts, embrace your uniqueness and say goodbye to self-comparison and self-doubt

  • Clear the windscreen of your beliefs and past experiences. Reset from Source and thereby align your conscious and subconscious so you can move forwards in balance and harmony

  • Direct and live access to Sara Estelle during this day to answer your questions and hold sacred space for you

  • Leave with a blueprint to act with Deep Trust and Faith and move forwards with courage and bold action

  • The whole day will be hosted by Zoom live interactive meetings - with regular breaks. No need to leave your home or use up any extra energy

Magical Answers and Questions

Is this for me?

Will there be a replay for this event?

No - this is a "live" online day with me and my guidance is to invite you to join with me 100% just as if you were attending a physical event with me

We can both do our best work when we are here together live. My wish is for this NOT to become another course you buy and never get round to watching the replay

I can't make this day or time. Will you be running this again?

I'm not sure. I work with guidance from Source and nature and so await the go ahead from "them"

Is there any support offered after the one day event?

Not directly but if you enjoy your experience with us, we can chat about your possible participation in one of our Empowered Healer programmes

One of my own superpowers is offering deep support so please get in touch if you feel called to work with me further

Are there any discounts available?

No BUT this is a bonus day for current participants of our Empowered Healer programmes so if you are considering joining us and do so before the event, it will be free for you!

To find out more:

Book your Let's Explore Empowered Healer Session with me HERE

Why Learn with Me

I'm Sara Estelle Turner, Founder of Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences and the Create a Magical Business Empowered Healer Programmes

I'm a High Priestess and therefore hold all Beings as Sacred and Sovereign unto themselves.

I'm passionate about empowering healers and heart based business owners create nourishing and aligned lives and businesses with nature as their guide - so that they can be empowered change-makers in the world.

I believe that all healers have the right (if they so wish) to grow nourishing and aligned businesses in exchange for their sacred gifts

Since 2014 I have been sharing with people just like you how I have grown my own healing business so that it now sustains myself and my family in South West France

My own business has supported us for over 7 years 100% and continues to grow and thrive and I am deeply grateful

Activate the Acorn Within - One Day Live Online Retreat with Sara Estelle

Just £97 for the whole day.All in the comfort of your home