Create your Own Flower Essence

5 Day Online Experience with Sara Estelle

I have a beautiful vision of many healers and nature lovers world-wide joining with me to co-create their own flower essence with nature.

I'd be delighted if you hear the call to join me

Learn a life-long and much needed skill, life-time access to the materials and a 5 day + live experience for just £69

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Create your Own Flower Essence

During these times of great change we are all looking for a guide - a guide who can help us navigate the change.

We are looking for stability and wisdom - something to stand firm on that will not let us down.

We are looking for direction and purpose that comes from an inner knowing.

We are looking for a tribe that understands.

The nature kingdom knows how to surrender into change, and allow the new to grow. 

She does it every year and has done for millenia. She is older and wiser than us as humans and does not look to compare herself to others - she just blooms in her own shape and colour.

If she sounds like a perfect guide for you at this time to find your centre once more, feel calmer and more connected to your own wisdom, then I hope you will consider joining us.

When large numbers of aligned people join together, magic happens. As we shift within ourselves, we also inform the collective and a new world begins to mould itself.

My vision is for as many people as possible right now to know that they have all the support they need in nature - and to know how to create their own soul healing with this very ancient way of co-creating the lives we dream of with nature as our guides

Who is this experience for?

  • Nature Lovers and those who wish to co-create in deeper and more meaningful ways with our beautiful Earth

  • Parents with children who wish to deepen their connection with nature (children love to make essences)

  • Those who have taken flower essences and would like to know how to create their own essences with guidance from Sara who has her own range of essences

  • Anyone new to flower essences and who feels intrigued to learn how to create flower essences themselves for personal use

  • Those who know that the time is coming that we may need to depend once more on going into nature to heal and soothe our souls. Creating your own flower essences is a perfect way to ensure you have all you need to move forwards as life on Earth begins afresh

How will you benefit?

  • Experience a way to come out of your head and into your heart

  • Spend time with the nature kingdom to Ground and calm your energy system

  • Learn to Trust your Intuition more deeply

  • Uplift your heart and find direction and purpose

  • Learn how to harness the energy of nature to heal your soul

What you receive

For just £69

  • Access to downloadable videos showing you how to create a flower essence so you can co-create again and again

  • Ongoing support and membership of a growing community in a dedicated Facebook group

  • Access to Sara (and her team) during these 5 days to answer your questions

  • A life-long skill and remembering of how to continue to create your own essences

  • The opportunity to participate again in future live rounds of this experience

  • 2 Live Meetings with Sara Estelle to Go Beyond the Veil and Meet the Deva of your Flower Essence

Plus 2 Bonus live sessions

Thursday July 29 | Tuesday August 3 @7pm UK / 8pm CEST

By signing up, you will also get the opportunity to attend 2 live Zoom sessions with Sara:

  • Session 1 -  Tuning into the Journey Ahead
  • Session 2 - Beyond the Veil : Journey to Meet your Flower Deva

Replays will be available.

All materials are housed in a special online membership centre on my website. You will be invited to access this centre with your own password - where you can download your materials and use them again and again.

Support will be provided via a secure pop up Facebook forum for the duration of the programme

Please note that flower essences are different from essential oils and herbal medicine and thereby do not have any fragrance or contraindications (except for anyone who does not wish to ingest alcohol). They are used uniquely to support how we feel and are not used to diagnose or treat physical conditions.

Please respect that no refunds are given once you have purchased this experience.

Your Host for this Event

I'm Sara Estelle Turner, Founder of Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences and the Create a Magical Business Empowered Healer Programmes

I'm passionate about empowering healers and heart based business owners create nourishing and aligned lives and businesses with nature as their guide - so that they can be empowered change-makers in the world.

Since 2011 I have been teaching people to create their own essences as part of our Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences - now it's time to share this beautiful experience more widely