Create your Own Flower Essences

11-Day Online Experience with Sara Estelle

I have a beautiful vision of many healers and nature lovers world-wide joining with me to co-create their own flower essence with nature.

I'd be delighted if you hear the call to join me

Learn a life-long and much-needed skill, lifetime access to the materials, and a 11 day  live experience!

  • Learn to create your own flower and vibrational essences for personal use with our especially created materials 

  • Increase and deepen your trust in your intuition as you connect with the nature devas

  • Shift your own inner flow of energy and connect to one of the most Divine Feminine of all the energies - that of nature

  • Learn from guest flower essence producers as they share in our community how they began making essences and how it has enriched their lives 

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Create Your Own Flower Essence

During these times of great change we are all looking for a guide - a guide who can help us navigate the change.

We are looking for stability and wisdom - something to stand firm on that will not let us down.

We are looking for direction and purpose that comes from an inner knowing.

We are looking for a tribe that understands.

The nature kingdom knows how to surrender to change, and allow the new to grow. 

She does it every year and has done it for millennia. She is older and wiser than us as humans and does not look to compare herself to others - she just blooms in her own shape and colour.

If she sounds like a perfect guide for you at this time to find your centre once more, and feel calmer and more connected to your own wisdom, then I hope you will consider joining us.

When large numbers of aligned people join together, magic happens. As we shift within ourselves, we also inform the collective and a new world begins to mould itself.

My vision is for as many people as possible right now to know that they have all the support they need in nature - and to know how to create their own soul healing with this very ancient way of co-creating the lives we dream of with nature as our guides.

Carina's experience from our event in 2021

Carina's essence and message from the deva


Message from the deva of my flower essence: "The seven pointed star will give you connection to your home through love and guidance. Use your intuition and you will gain balance and tolerance to move forwards at this time. I was told to place the seven pointed star into my heart. Thank you Sara Estelle Turner for this experience it was, of course, just what I need right now! "

How Will You Benefit?

  • Experience a way to come out of your head and into your heart

  • Spend time with the nature kingdom to Ground and calm your energy system

  • Learn to Trust your Intuition more deeply

  • Uplift your heart and find direction and purpose

  • Learn how to harness the energy of nature to heal your soul

What You Receive - 5 Days of Teaching and Co-Creating

  • Access to downloadable videos showing you how to create a flower essence so you can co-create again and again

  • Support and inspiration of our dedicated Facebook Community

  • Access to Sara (and her team) during these 11 days to answer your questions

  • A life-long skill and remembering of how to continue to create your own essences

  • Guest Flower Essence Producer Interviews to Inspire you

  • A Crystalline Consciousness Group Alignment to Connect you and your Essences to the Crystalline Grid

And 5 Days of Flower University

with Key Essence Producers sharing their wisdom

Sara Estelle (MoonFlower Essences)

How trusting the process of moonlight essences has informed my life and my business

Ann Callaghan (Indigo Essences)

"Essence making woke me up to the magic of the world around me"

Sally Arthurs (Eescheel Essences)

"Essence making- Trusting the process and thinking outside the box"

Michelle Nilson (Nature's Essence Alchemy)

"Creating Vibrational Essences from the Wild, Elemental, and Mystical Land of Ireland"

Sharon Keenan (Earth Song Essences)

'Making essences has helped me to hear the Earth's Songs and reconnect to Her sacred rhythms and harmony.'

Sally's Experience with Knapweed

Knapweed essence and message


I have been resisting essence making with these knapweed flowers since they arrived near us last year. This year they are even more prolific and yet I still hesitated - walking past them this morning I still resisted - I didn’t have my camera ( I like to capture their energy in the natural space ) - I didn’t have anything to cut them with ( not in a place you could place a bowl) I was busy, on and on went the growing list of excuses- so after climbing the hill and continuing with the dogs morning run - I was still tuned in - making excuses “promising“ to get on the case soon - when the flower deva asked me “If not now - when?” That really stopped me in my tracks! There will always be a reason not to but we need to find ways around that - so the message begins to unfold - “you have to find a way” - and I did. So now some beautiful Knapweed slowly working her magic as the sun strengthens and adds its energy to the mix. Thank you Knapweed deva 🤍

Your Flower Essence making materials are housed in a special online membership centre on my website. You will be invited to access this centre with your own password - where you can download your materials and use them again and again.

The Flower University and Support will be provided via a secure pop-up Facebook Community for the duration of the programme.

Please note that flower essences are different from essential oils and herbal medicine and thereby do not have any fragrance or contraindications (except for anyone who does not wish to ingest alcohol). They are used uniquely to support how we feel and are not used to diagnose or treat physical conditions.

Please respect that no refunds are given once you have purchased this experience.

Your Host for this Event

I'm Sara Estelle Turner, Founder of Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences and the Create a Magical Business Empowered Healer Programmes

I'm passionate about empowering healers and heart-based business owners to create nourishing and aligned lives and businesses with nature as their guide - so that they can be empowered change-makers in the world.

Since 2011 I have been teaching people to create their own essences as part of our Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences - now it's time to share this beautiful experience more widely.

How will you Co-Create with Nature?

Everyone can create essences

Each of us create differently 

How will you co-create with nature? 

Allow the experience and the wisdom of these speakers inspire and guide you

An experience from 2020

Pink Rose " I stand for Love"


She asked to me made under the Full Moon by the non-cutting method.. so I gently poured water over Her. She is showing me her gift is one of how to stand upright in the midst of extreme suffering. That no matter how hard the winds blow ... opening to Love will keep us fluid and upright 🌷 She asked for the water to be placed right by Her to receive a final Blessing .. and as I put the bowl there the wind blew 3 petals into the bowl.