Using a combination of 4 guided meditations which bring together breathing exercises, nature blessings and affirmation work, this collection of meditations will ease feelings of overwhelm, lack of self-confidence and confusion so that you can turn up in your life and healing business and as the radiant, loving, and Empowered Soul that you truly are, and make easy, intuitive and powerful decisions as a healing business owner.

All 4 meditations can be downloaded and used in your own ways and in your own times.

Magical Morning Blessing for Healers

A beautiful day of great potential always lies ahead at the dawn of a new day. Whether your healing business is a seed, a bud of a full flower, spending time each morning setting the right vibrational tone to your day helps enormously to navigate your day with grace and ease.

Magical Evening Blessing for Healers

End your day magically by letting go of all experiences that were not alignment with your vision and work and as a healer  and give gratitude for all that did occur.

Allow the nature kingdom and her colour rays guide you into a peaceful and restorative sleep.

I Remember Who I Am

In this guided visualisation, we open and expand the inner well of your self worth. 

By connecting to Heaven on Earth and to your own Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine, your inner creativity flows, bringing with it an experience of more abundance of all kinds through your life and healing business

Click here to Listen to an Excerpt

Opening to Source Flow

You are an amazingly talented and gifted healer. In this guided visualisation we open the channels of Heaven on Earth in your energy system and you receive a blessing from a nature being. Feel safe and protected as a healer, shine brightly  as a successful Healing Business Owner and Remember Who You Are Truly are.

Peaceful Energy

And finally this package gives you access to a 19 minute audio recording called "Peaceful Energy". Written, performed and recorded by Ian Kenny to balance and align your chakras and can be listened to at any time of day that you wish for more Peaceful Energy.  

EnJOY! And I'd love to hear how they support you in Growing your Magical Business.

All Music written, performed and recorded by Ian Kenny Sara Turner Training Ltd All Rights Reserved

About Sara Turner

Sara Estelle - Founder of Create a Magical Business

Sara Turner

Sara Estelle Turner, is the Creatrix of all courses currently offered. She has been teaching and training groups and individuals for over 30 years and founded her own Training school in 2011. She has created and facilitates a very successful, accredited Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine and is the Chair of the British Flower and Vibrational Medicine Association. Sara Estelle is also the Founder of Create a Magical Business and MoonFlower Essences and has her own series of podcasts called Nature Connections. She is an international bestseller co-author of Cultivating Joy – Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul. Sara's clients are passionate Healers who are ready to be of service and no longer willing to hide their light. She helps them to create nourishing and aligned businesses so that they can become empowered change-makers in the world. These same Healers may struggle with owning their self-worth and therefore with making money from their sacred gifts. They are actively looking for a way to turn their passion into income so that they can be of EXCEPTIONAL service and have the space and time to live their dream life. What separates Sara Estelle's services from other coaching businesses is that she merges the wisdom of nature and sacred rituals with practical action and because of this, her clients receive new feminine ways of reclaiming their sovereignty and running their own successful and nourishing healing businesses. As a healer, you have unique gifts to share with the world and you deserve to be able to birth them easily and gracefully and earn a comfortable living in the process.Sara Estelle's passion is to support Healers just like you Bloom into their true, authentic selves by Creating a Magical Business that works WITH nature and our beautiful planet. When we work alongside nature in all aspects of our lives, then we are always totally supported and aligned. The struggle ends and the flow begins.

Here is what is included in your Empower your Manifesting Album

  • 1

    Welcome and Thank You

    • Welcome Magical Healer

  • 2

    Magical Morning Blessing for Healers

    • Magical Morning Blessing for Healers

  • 3

    Magical Evening Blessing for Healers

    • Magical Evening Meditation for Healers

  • 4

    I Remember Who I AM

    • I Remember Who I AM

  • 5

    Opening to Source Flow

    • Money Flows Through Me from the Divine

  • 6

    Peaceful Energy Music Only

    • Peaceful Energy Audio