A five week online journey, starting Sunday 16th May 2021, with Muriel Pichard and Sara Estelle Turner

Our bodies often express the emotions that we are suppressing. But how often do we pay attention to these reminders and truly listen? This course will help you tune in to the messages that your beautiful body is sending you

Doors close at the end of Monday May 10th

This course will also be about the art of listening. 

Listening to our bodies, listening to one another. 

At a time where we have to find other ways to communicate with one another, never has connection felt more valuable and crucial to our overall well being.

As part of our journey, we will focus on how everything is linked, how everything has an impact, how we are all inter-connected. 

Often as spiritual beings, we focus on "As Above, So Below" and believe that by taking care of our spiritual selves, the physical will follow. 

And of course there is truth in this. 

However, the phrase "As Below, so Above" is an equal truth in that our physical containers (our bodies) are the sacred vessels for the Source energy that flows through us. 

All too often, we forget our bodies - the sacred expression of the Divine in physical form. We may tend our hearts, we may tend our thinking, but then we ignore that our bodies need to be respected, valued and honoured with very simple caring ways. 

How do we tend to our sleep? 

How do we feed ourselves? 

How do we listen when we need to stop, rest and replenish instead of pushing forever further?

Our 5 weeks together will be a journey where we will be looking at health holistically, that is, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually - with the remembrance and awareness that all is connected.

Vibrational Essences help us connect all these pieces, as a symphony does with musical parts.

Doors close May 10th to begin May 16th, 2021

Two payment options to choose from:

Pay in one upfront payment of £175 or two monthly instalments of £90

Is This You?

  • You are tired of the incessant wheel of 24/7 action. You know that you need more rest, more time to BE, but still find yourself overriding this and pushing yourself

  • You look outside of yourself for self-worth and base your decisions on what others are doing, often leading to procrastination

  • You come last. So many others and other things demand your attention, and it's hard to put yourself first.

Here is what you will learn about essences during these 5 weeks

Over the course of 5 weeks we will be exploring essences from 4 different ranges to support you in:

  • Learning to trust the inner voice that always knows what your body and soul really need

  • Recognising when it is your head talking or your body sending you signals

  • Understanding that you and only you know what is best for you and your body and that by prioritising yourself, everyone else can benefit so much more

  • Knowing that your self-worth comes from Source

  • Learning how to use essences internally and also in sprays, baths and creams and other topical applications. You will experience each of these and learn which is best for you at different times.

  • Create your own healing combinations of essences to support yourself and those you love

Throughout the 5 weeks you will get to know 4 different essence ranges and which ones best suit your constitution and where you are in life:

Australian Bush Flower Essences
Bach Essences

Atlantic Essences

Moonflower Essences

Your investment

Pay upfront in full, or in two monthly instalments

Your Guides: Sara Turner and Muriel Pichard

Sara Turner and Muriel Pichard have 40 years of professional experience between them, and will be your guides, teachers and space holders for this experience.

Sara is a Nature Guide, a Business Mentor for Healers and a Priestess of the New Earth, weaving together her expertise in Flower and Vibrational Essences, her passion for all our healing gifts to be shared and the Sacred.

Learn more about Sara here: https://www.saraestelle.com/

Muriel’s healing background started with Homeopathy which gave her the foundation to look at health holistically, something which permeates her work with people and Vibrational Essences to this day. Her passion for Nature, wild life and how everything is inter-connected has lead her to develop her own range of Essences, The Atlantic Essences.   

Learn more about Muriel here:   http://essenceinterieure.co.uk | https://theatlanticessences.co.uk

More about My Body, My Wisdom

We will meet via online meeting platform Zoom each week, for 90 minutes, beginning Sunday May 16th at 9.30 am UK/10.30 am European time.

Replays will be available if you are not able to attend live

Dates of live sessions are as follows

May 16th

May 23rd

June 13th

June 20th

June 27th

Join us

for this empowering experience to understand how to truly listen to the wisdom of your body with the life-changing support of Flower and Vibrational Essences