The New does not happen by chance - it happens by intention

Join us in Sacred Space as a New Earth Creatrix for 2023

Join us for the Replay!

New Earth Creatrix 2023 is a one-day long online workshop held in sacred space with its sole intention to offer you an energetic container to draw down the energy that you wish to live in 2023.

Setting intentions in this way is very different from writing a list on New Year's Eve and then giving up a few weeks later.

So many of us miss out on living our true potential through misunderstandings of how creation really works. 

Your soul mission and happiness is far too important to leave to chance.

You are too needed in the world for your happiness to be at the bottom of your list.

If you have set goals before and been disappointed, I sense you will find this workshop very very different!

If you have a legacy to seed from your work, then this is the year to continue to envision and tend the seeds for ourselves and for the generations to come. 

You own a part of this jigsaw of our moving forward towards a more peaceful and loving earth.

Are you ready and willing to take up your piece and walk forwards?

If you are then you are so welcome to join us!

How does this work?

  • We will be creating in sacred space. When we create in this way, the matrix of all creation works alongside us. We leave our heads and enter our heart spaces and our full potential.
  • The process ensures you only focus on areas of your life that bring you joy and inspiration. All that hard work part is a thing of the past.
  • We will be setting up a feminine and flowing system to ensure you take action on what is important for your soul's purpose and your joy.
  • And you will have a whole group of aligned healers and heart-based business owners taking this journey alongside you. No more feeling isolated!

Here is how our day will unfold

  • The day consists of 4 activations (or modules in more ordinary vocabulary).
  • The replay is available online via the Zoom meeting platform that you can easily access from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Links will be sent to you once you have registered. 
  • Replays are yours to keep- which also means you can watch and re-experience again and again.
  • You can create your own experience - in your own home and in your own way and in your pajamas if you wish...

Here is what our day looks like 

Module One

Draw down your own soul creations and open to the guidance of your own heart and soul for the year and decade ahead.

Module Two

Receive Guidance from the Creation Forces as you begin to bring your year and decade into form and determine your Core Priorities.

Module Three

Learn how to use a Manifestation Matrix and how you can move it with your intention.

Module Four

Learn how to Intend and Manifest with the Elements of Nature - Air, Water, Earth, and Fire and receive direct guidance from each of these elemental forces.

Module Five

Activate the blueprint you call forth through sacred intention and dance in ceremony.

What you will receive:

  • A direct infusion from Source that washes away the old and nourishes you with a new vision that inspires you and magnetically pulls you forward.
  • A Manifestation Matrix for 2023 and beyond.
  • Planning Templates you can use again and again.
  • A whole day's workshop with myself and a group of healers/heart-centered business owners just like you.

A Summary of All you Receive by taking part for just £111 

I want to be sure that you have every opportunity to not only set your goals with me in sacred space but also then to ensure you have the support to manifest them. 

It is my absolute passion (and part of my legacy) to pass on the courage and structures that you too can work with to bring through the work you are here to seed and grow. If we want the next decade to be different, we need to make different decisions and take different actions.

Being an Empowered Healer and Heart-Centered Business Owner can be joyful, expansive, and rewarding.

Come join us and receive all of this and set yourself up for the year ahead.

I'd be delighted and honoured if you feel called to join us in whatever way feels aligned to you.

Here are some experiences of previous attendees

Louise C

"I found the Sacred Rising day profoundly useful: it helped me find what my areas of focus really were for the coming year from a place of centred deep knowing. I felt that all aspects of my being were being taken into consideration and the insights I received through connecting in with and receiving from the elemental forces highlighted both things to keep an eye on and to celebrate. Looking back, I can see how it established a great springboard for the year."

Workshop participant

"Wonderful way to spend my Saturday in the comfort of my own cosy space, creating and manifesting. This is such a beautiful process and I feel full to the brim with deep gratitude".

Workshop participant

"Thank you for this wonderful workshop which was such a powerful way to set our intentions for the year. Tears, dance and joy came through and a deep feeling that this year is going to be phenomenal".

Workshop participant

"I spent my day with the replays of the workshop. I feel so confident and uplifted!"